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Tim Genewein

Information-optimal hierarchies for inference and decision-making

London, UK

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Today, I have presented and defended my PhD thesis, which concludes my graduation. I am very happy and grateful for everything I have learned through my PhD. Particularly for the people I have met along the way - many of which have inspired me and helped me broaden my horizon. The time at the MPI Tuebingen will be very hard to beat - it is an amazing place. A big thanks to Daniel Braun and Pedro Ortega for putting together our group and also my colleagues Zhen, Felix and Jordi. I will miss you guys…

You can download my dissertation here. Feel free to use the the material for academic research or presentations as long as you respect the copyright and cite accordingly. Please be aware that the papers that are part to this (cumulative) thesis are subject to separate copyright statements (issued by the corresponding journals).